Dasha Kelly Hamilton Helps Milwaukee Youth Find their Voice


"Dasha Kelly Hamilton reiterates one point to every one of her students before they perform their poems: 'Every time you speak your truth in front of an audience, there’s someone who needs to hear it.' That statement is why poetry is so important. We all relate to one another and through words, we can come together to a common understanding. Listening can be just as powerful as speaking, and having active listeners shows these young people that their words have power."

Cover photograph for the July 31, 2018 Shepherd Express issue. 


Muralist Tia Richardson on Bringing Communities Together


“I underestimated Milwaukee. I underestimated people’s willingness to do something positive in the face of so much pain. It tells me the potential that Milwaukee has, and I want to go after that potential.”   - Tia Richardson

Community Advocate Maudwella Kirkendoll


Maudwella Kirkendoll grew up in Milwaukee’s 53206 neighborhood, which gave him a perspective of people who work long, hard hours to support their families but still need some help to get by. It’s that perspective that drove Kirkendoll to become the devoted community worker that he is today. “I know there is some point when you can move people from needing help to the people that are helping,” he says.

Hip Hop as a Tool for Resilience in Milwaukee


"Art is a platform to help bridge some the issues of segregation in Milwaukee, because within that art is a sound or a visual that many people from different backgrounds can relate to. One prominent language that Milwaukee artists use to tell their stories is hip-hop. Hip hop is more than well-placed words and a catchy beat, it is a history of people that are yearning to speak out. The words share the reality of a movement that was born in the core of America’s urban hubs."

'CopyWrite' on Inspiration and Community


“We have people all over Milwaukee living the lifestyle that they have created for themselves and developing their own cultural hubs in the city. They keep us relevant and tuned in,” explains Taylor. The magazine is about being socially responsible and promoting Milwaukee’s talented community from the ground up. If we are influenced by each other’s stories, we can be inspired to make a change.

Fyxation Bicycle Shop


"Fyxation wants to be a place where people of all ethnicities, backgrounds and experience levels feel comfortable getting on a bike and asking questions. 'It’s all about empowering the consumer, empowering the community,' says Jessica Ginster, one of three co-owners of Fyxation, along with Ben and Nick Ginster. 'Knowledge is power, so let’s share the knowledge we’ve gained.'”

CORE El Centro


"When cofounders Jayne Ader and Madeline Gianforte started CORE El Centro 16 years ago, they saw a need for an understanding of healing and access to health services in the community. 'People have this innate wisdom about their path, and each path is different, so, how do we help you find that?' says Ader. Their goal is to inspire individuals and families to achieve optimal health by offering affordable services in both the English and Spanish languages."

Dr. Kyana Young, Marquette University Strategic Innovation Fund


"The program is meant to 'create a path for students that could be life-changing, so that they can see why they are working in a lab and see what this can become,' says Mukiibi. 'When you provide an opportunity, and you back that up with resources, this is what can happen,' says Young as she describes how the students have excelled far beyond expectations. 'This impacts the global community.'”

True Stories from True Skool


“'You might have a little bitty voice in this whole global spectrum, but your little bitty voice better be heard on the right side of history,' says Fidel Verdin. It’s all about the youth, Ali and Verdin explain. If you can open up possibilities for them, you can change their future."

Urban Guesthouses and B&Bs: A New Way to Experience Milwaukee


"Milwaukee has six small, family-run guesthouses or B&Bs that are all notably unique. From Victorian-style bed and breakfasts to a guesthouse in the midst of flourishing gardens and a cozy gallery space, each place adds a unique accent to the urban neighborhoods of this city."